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Firstly, I should stress that I am a web developer, rather than designer. Although I take an interest in CSS, the majority of my work involves either client-side (eg javascript) or server-side (eg PHP, Perl) scripting, and MySQL. In fact, almost all of the sites I develop these days use PHP and MySQL on Linux/Unix platforms, increasingly with elements of AJAX.

Over the years I have struck up relationships with several Web design companies in the UK and USA who provide me with work on a semi-regular basis. Typically these companies specialise in design, but have limited knowledge of programming, and so out-source such tasks to me. Such arrangements work out well, allowing me to concentrate on what I love doing best (back-end scripting), without having to liaise with clients or fiddle with web graphics and html.

Past projects include:

I regularly also find myself modifying or troubleshooting popular scripts such as:

I'm also heavily involved with Web-related development from a system administrator point of view. Typically things like MySQL/Apache performance tuning, load balancing, writing Apache modules etc. More information on these here.

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