Stealing Browser History with Javascript and CSS

A lesser known function in Javascript is currentStyle, which returns the CSS properties for an element in the document. Most web browser keep a record of visited URLs, so by setting different styles for a and a:visited, we can programatically determine if a link displayed in the document has previously been visited. Or, to put things more simply: your browser shows visited links in a different colour. Javascript can be used to spot that change in colour, hence tell if you've visited a particular site or not.

So all we need to do is generate a document containing thousands of different URLs, and inspect the style attributes for each. My method uses a list of URLs loaded into a hidden iframe. The list is then iterated though, and currentStyle called for each link. A less that honest webmaster could then pass the list of visited URLs back to the server (eg via AJAX) to snoop on a user's browsing history.

UPDATE: as of 2013, many browsers seem to have solved this issue. I've taken the tool offline, as Google was treating the huge number of links as spam

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