Professional Website Performance : Optimizing the Front-end and Back-end

website performance

This is my second book, published in December 2012 by Wiley. This time the subject is website performance, a topic that has been a key part of the work that I do for the past few years. The book covers all aspects of site performance, ranging from JavaScript to Nginx. Particular attention is given to databases, with a couple of meaty chapters on MySQL, and another on NoSQL alternatives. You'll also find chapters on PHP, Apache and Nginx, SSL (yes, there is actually quite a lot you can do to improve SSL performance), CSS, and image optimization.

While the first half of the book deals with front-end issues (caching, content compression, browser rendering etc), the second half focuses on load balancing and scalability on the back-end, and you'll learn how to effortlessly expand your site from a single server to a high performance cluster.

Of course, I'm also available for work in this area; so if you're not technically minded, or want some extra advice, feel free to contact me.

Amazon helpfully provide a preview of around 100 pages of the book which you can read online

Table of Contents is as follows:

Part I: Front-end

Part II: Back-end


Available now in all good bookshops (and possibly crappy bookshops too).

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