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As a freelance Linux consultant, MySQL support forms a big part of my work (in fact, almost a quarter of my recent book, Professional Website Performance is devoted to MySQL scaling and performance tuning). Whether you're looking to breath fresh life into a sluggish single-server database application, or scaling across multiple servers, I provide hands-on support backed up by 15 years of experience with Linux and MySQL .

The core of my work covers areas such as:

Too often MySQL is the bottleneck in applications, with badly written queries resulting in painfully slow websites. Often these occur because developers either don't care about performance aspects, or don't notice problems when they are testing the application with sample data. As the number of visitors grows and the data set increases in size, the effects of inefficient queries become magnified.

In the majority of cases such problems can be fixed with minimal changes to the code. If you haven't written your killer app yet, I can provide advice on how to build with scalability in mind and help you plan for future growth. This can avoid problems further down the line.

Consultancy is offered at a flat rate of $60/hour (or 40 GBP, whichever currency you prefer). Please contact me for further details. You may also like to read more about my background and the areas that I work in, or download a copy of my CV (in PDF format)

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