In 2005 I wrote a book on Linux security. 8 years later and the publisher has gone out of business. Now that I'm free from restrictions on reproducing material from the book, I have decided to make the entire book available online.

Linux security has changed a lot since 2005; please bear in mind that some of the information may be dated, or rather thin (back in those days, topics such as SELinux and WiFi security were in their infancy, and MD5 was still considered reasonably strong). That said, you'll hopefully still find a lot of useful and relevant information.

" Good, engaging style on a hard topic. Listed as a required text on the syllabus of a class I took. The teacher read all the other books, he picked this to put on the required list. " - Amazon Customer

" Linux Network Security is highly recommended to network administrators who are dealing with a basic file and print sharing network or who need a solid overview of Linux security and some of the security problems with common services " - Amazon Customer

" Perhaps the best book on Linux security ever. " - Amazon Customer

Linux Network Security

"ISBN:1584503963 Linux networks are becoming more common, but security is often overlooked. Using a mix of theory and practical techniques, this text teaches administrators how to install and use security applications, and why they are necessary."

Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Understanding the Problem

Attacks against Linux Attacks against the Network Chapter 3: A Secure Topology Chapter 4: Assessing the Network Chapter 5: Packet Filtering with IPTables Chapter 6: Basic System Security Measures Chapter 7: Desktop Security Chapter 8: System Hardening Chapter 9: Access Control Chapter 10: Securing Services Chapter 11: Keeping Secure Appendixes

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