Linux System Administration and Consultancy

I offer technical support and consultancy in a range of Linux areas (including performance, security and scalability); either in the form of hands-on programming and administration, or simply advice.

With 15 years experience in the business, I have a good knowledge of most of the major Linux distributions, and have pretty much seen it all as far as services such as Apache, Qmail, Postfix, and BIND go. I'm also the author of a book on Linux Security, and another on Website performance

One thing I love about my work is the variety, nevertheless there are a handful of tasks which I am regularly asked to perform, and which consequently I have a lot of experience with. These include:

Some of the less common (but more interesting) areas I've worked on in the past include: automated burning of backups to DVD-R, modifications to SquirrelMail plugin, repairing broken Plesk upgrades, tracking down the cause of random crashes, recovering deleted data from ext2 partitions, WIFI hotspots (RADIUS/Chilli), and Firefox toolbars.

Consultancy is offered at a flat rate of 40 GBP ($60 USD) per hour . Please contact me for further details. You may also like to read more about my background and the areas that I work in, or download a copy of my CV (in PDF format)

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