Map of the IPv4 Address Space

This CSV file is a map of the IPv4 address space, containing information on who owns each netblock. It consists of the following fields:

Of course, such information is already easily available for an IP address via whois. But repeated whois queries aren't really feasible in many situations (eg generating stats from Apache logs, writing an anti-spam plugin which looks at country of origin etc); and reverse DNS lookups are even worse. This database also makes possible other stuff, such as:

These two features make it easy to do things like blacklisting dialup accounts from your mail server, preventing Chinese IP addresses from spamming your contact forms, or alerting you when certain organisations visit your website (I'm involved in a large consumer-related forum, and we like to know when banks, two-bit loan companies etc are taking an interest in a particular thread)

Enough talk, here's a sample:,
1264975872:1264992255: Central
1265041408:1265057791: Business Center,
1265106944:1265369087: Communications, Inc.:GREENWOOD
1265631232:1265893375: HOUSE NETWORKS, LLC BLOCK-9::::
1265893376:1265958911: Corporation ALLTEL-COMMUNICATIONS-NET::::
1265958912:1266024447: Communications Inc WINDSTREAM::::
1266024448:1266089983: Finance LLC WIDEOPENWEST::::
1266089984:1266122751: Technology Solutions US
1266122752:1266139135:, Inc.:Boca
1266139136:1266147327: Dream Network,
1266147328:1266155519: Solutions,
1266155520:1266286591: Internet Holdings,
1266286592:1266417663: Communications,
1266417664:1266483199: Americas, Inc.:New Internet Services,

Some nation-wide ISPs (such as NTL/Virgin in the UK) also split their address space geographically, making it possible to determine the town/city a user is from:

1366105088:1366106111: Infrastructure - Huddersfield:::GB:
1366106112:1366110207: Infrastructure - Middlesbrough:::GB:
1366110208:1366114303: Infrastructure - Oldham:::GB:
1366114304:1366118399: Infrastructure - Peterborough:::GB:
1366118400:1366122495: Infrastructure - Swindon:::GB:
1366122496:1366126591: Infrastructure - Ashford:::GB:
1366126592:1366130687: Infrastructure - Poole:::GB:

The CSV file (which was last updated August 2009) contains 59,000 entries, and is around 4.6 MB in size. You can download it here

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