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Taken from the README:
Welcome to dialogquiz, a collection of trivia quizzes for Linux.
Currently the collection consists of anagrams, multiple choice
questions and hangman, with around 30,000 questions in total.
Subjects range from The Sopranos to English monarchs, 80s rock
to capital cities.

Dialogquiz is written in perl, and is console based. It has been
tested on RHEL, Debian, and Slackware, and should work without
problems on other Linux distros. It will likely also run on Unix,
although this has not been confirmed. Support for more obscure OSes
such as MS Windows is not planned.

Please read the INSTALL file for installation instructions. You'll
also need the dialog tool (sometimes packaged as cdialog), and perl
v5.0 or higher.

All quiz questions were created from data on Wikipedia
(http://en.wikipedia.org), and were converted into a suitable
format using our friends cut, sed, grep, and perl. Wikipedia's
content is covered by the GPL, as is dialogquiz.

If you spot any inaccuracies in the questions, please hesitate to
mail me: I don't have the time or incling to correct apparent
mistakes. That said, mail is welcome on any other issue (bugs
, feedback, praise/critisism, invitations to help out deposed
Nigerian businessmen etc). If you've installed sucessfully on a
non-Linux platform, I'd certainly like to hear. You can mail me
at pete@linuxbox.co.uk, and you're welcome to address me as Pete.

The latest version of dialogquiz can be found at

Have fun!

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